Garden Escape

Poolrefreshing drink, your favorite book and the shade of the olive groves, find your perfect combination poolside to relax and rejuvinate your spirit just steps away from our entrance in the ancient "pescaia" of the Certosa monks.


Garden: We practice a “green” life style in which luxury and comfort are embraced while minimizing our impact on the surrounding environment. Our team works to preserve the preexisting flora and fauna while cultivating a sustainable garden to provide our guests the best in local and seasonal produce.


Tennis Court: Go ahead and let your balls fly on our turfed tennis court, located just steps away from the main garden entrance.


Chapel: Just steps away from our vine ladened walkway, you will find an wonderfully unique chapel adorned with an installation by the renowned sculptor Massimo Lippi. A wonderfully unique touch to our park and the perfect place to sit and embrace the tranquility of your surroundings.