Est. 1316

The history of La Certosa di Maggiano is as eclectic as its interiors. This 14th century monastary captivated men and women from all walks of life in search of reflection, spirituality and knowledge in a refuge of tranquility and comfort. Riccardo Petroni, a profetic noble who granted miracles, opened our doors to welcome these wayfaring strangers, a concept which was embraced for centuries to come.

In 1969, Oscar-nominated scenographer and architect Renzo Mongiardino harnessed its precedented tenor and created a mondern sanctuary, using brilliant colors, eclectic patterns and a touch of eccentricity. The Certosa was famed for offering a haven to the wealthy and affluent from the eccentricities of the outside world.

Today, you will find a colorful oasis located close to Siena offering a service much like our approach to hospitality - diverse, warm and at times wonderfully imperfect.