4-star hotel for private dinners Siena

The 4-star hotel for private dinners in Siena Certosa di Maggiano is the ideal solution for those looking for an elegant facility where to hold a classy event.

The hotel is in the Tuscan countryside but just 2 km from Piazza del Campo.

A location surrounded by greenery and olive trees, immersed in the history of a Certosa dating back to the 14th century and later restored.

Here we also find the Il Chiostro Restaurant, the perfect space for organizing an event with a refined dinner.

4-star hotel with restaurant for private dinners in Siena

Il Chiostro has a refined indoor hall, ideal for hosting a dinner during the winter period and in general during the colder times of the year.

It is warm, cozy, spacious and bright thanks to the presence of large windows. The refined furnishings and attention to every single detail create pleasant atmospheres and a refined mood.

The restaurant also has the large outdoor space of the Carthusian Monastery, a charming location with unique charm, particularly suitable for a dinner to be consumed during the summer period or during warmer periods.

4-star hotel for private dinners and receptions in Siena

Particularly attentive mise en place and precise and punctual service welcome guests, ready to enjoy a true taste experience.

This continues with the chef's proposals, seafood and land dishes that pay homage to Tuscan tradition while looking at modernity.

Classic dishes are thus revisited aiming to redefine concepts and styles but always starting from the basics and the deepest meaning of each recipe.

The ingredients of each dish are carefully selected from the Carthusian garden or from small local producers.

The rich wine cellar makes it possible to define the best possible pairing between the chosen dish and the wine that can enhance its flavors better than any other.

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