Hotel with heliport Siena

The hotel Certosa di Maggiano conquers the guests with its heliport near Siena. A totally private space and present within the large property, usable by guests and important for both transportation and safety.

The area is designed for the takeoff and landing of helicopters and is equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure the safety of passengers.

4-star hotel with heliport in Siena

The presence of a heliport allows guests to move around even more comfortably and quickly.

In fact, those with their own helicopter can reach the hotel comfortably in their own vehicle and then use it to move to other locations.

Another advantage is the location: Certosa di Maggiano is in the heart of Tuscany.

Starting from here and moving by helicopter we can quickly reach numerous locations of relevant historical, cultural, and artistic interest.

Moving by helicopter, we can reach Florence in just 20 minutes of flight time.

Luxury hotel with heliport in Siena

In addition, the elegance of the Certosa, the presence of two restaurants and the services offered allow us to organize private events, weddings and receptions here.

Again, the heliport is a particularly appreciated plus, because it gives newlyweds the opportunity to reach the facility in a completely unique and original way, on board a helicopter.

An alternative and very special way to leave guests speechless and live a fairytale experience that will allow them to admire the Certosa from above together with the Tuscan hills surrounding the hotel.

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