4-star hotel with restaurant in Siena

The 4-star hotel with restaurant in Siena Certosa di Maggiano surprises guests with the refined Chiostro, a space dedicated to good food, where to live an authentic food and wine experience.

The restaurant has a cozy dining room that is particularly well cared for, bright and refined, with large windows, spectacular chandeliers, mirrors, light games, but also furnishings, finishes and colors capable of projecting us into another era.

Il Chiostro also has a large outdoor space where events, receptions and banquets can be held in the heart of the facility and near the swimming pool.

4-star hotel with Tuscan restaurant in Siena

Il Chiostro is open for lunch and dinner to guests of the Certosa di Maggiano as well as outsiders.

It offers cuisine that pays homage to Tuscan tradition by bringing to the table classic local dishes revisited in a modern key.

Each course blends taste and aesthetic sense, winning diners over with elegant and colorful implantation, the ideal completion of a philosophy that has the search for flavors as its guiding star.

A goal that is pursued by carefully selecting the ingredients that are used, preferring 0 km products, certified cuts of meat, fresh fish.

Many of the ingredients in our cuisine come directly from the Charterhouse garden.

The Cloister is also the perfect location for organizing an elegant reception. Weddings, anniversaries and private events of all kinds can be hosted in the indoor hall or in the scenic outdoor setting.

The restaurant's chef is available to design a totally customized menu.

4-star hotel with outdoor restaurant in Siena

Those who want a smarter experience but still characterized by a food and wine proposal of the highest level can choose the Limonaia.

Tables are placed outdoors among the olive trees of the Certosa.

The Limonaia is open daily for lunch, aperitifs or private events.

Live a food and wine experience in a 4-star hotel with restaurant in Siena.

Discover Certosa di Maggiano.